Subject matter and partial quotes in this article are only excerpt's in part from the Hot Rod August 2019
magazine publication, article; Does Anyone Paint Anymore? by Douglas Glad
We are often asked to "ball park"
an idea of what it will cost to
accomplish mechanical resurrection
or paint a vehicle.  It is
understandable to our nature that
before we step into a fire we like
reassurance that the burn will be
sufficient.  Ball parks are all
different and so is every automobile
resurrection.  The articles we read
align with our thinking and
experience.  When we see an
article that puts things into a good
perspective we like to share that as
a learning tool.  Here are some of
the words we recently read in the
Hot Rod August 2019 publication,
titled "Does anyone Paint
Anymore?" by Douglas Glad
The excerpt below is a quote from the August 2019
Hot Rod magazine article, "Does anyone Paint
Anymore?, written by John McGann.   (note; our
opinion is this magazine is well worth the cost of a
subscription, subscribe to read this article in full
and many other articles as well.)
Mr. Glad stated; "A modern paint job will typically
a coat of etching primer, epoxy primer,
sealer, the color, and finally several coats of
.  Don't forget what's beneath the paint,
What condition is the sheetmetal in?  
Will the car need rust repair, dents removed, or
panel replacement?  That really ratchets the price
up.  Plus, (body) shops need to pay their
employees, pay their rent, maintain and update
their equipment, pay taxes and environmental fees,
and so on.  You can see why painting a car is one
of the most expensive things you can do to it; it's
practically a lifetime commitment-"till death do us
part"- so you had better pick a good color.", "The
work is painstaking and labor-intensive", "The
unsung heroes of any quality paint job are the
people who did the metalwork and paint prep, and
that's where the majority of the cost of a paint job
comes from."
Below are two vehicles we worked
metal on. These problems were
not visible before the vehicles
were stripped.
Take a look at a few other vehicles
we've worked and painted.  Feel free
contact us to discuss your vehicle.