Second Saturday Ministry
spiritual food
Second Saturday Ministry
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Second Saturday Ministry was
founded by Ronnie Mays about 18
years ago.

Every month,
on the second
3926 Sidney St., Dallas,
Tx 75210
between 8:30 - Noon,  
people just show up

A tent goes up, a trailer arrives loaded
with chairs, tables, donated clothes
and supplies arrives.  Food arrives
from many people and sources, and
the grills show up.  

Everyone hustles to get chairs set up,
clothes laid out, food cooking, and
rows of tables to serve food.  
Music starts to play, powered by a car

Vans arrive full with people from all
over Dallas Metro area who come for
every possible reason and need.  
Some to hear about God, some to
enjoy a meal, some needing clothes or
shoes, some just to relax under the
beautiful pecan trees.  

With microphone and speakers on
open mike time begins.
The Words of God begin to flow from
those who feel called to speak.  Praise,
fellowship, prayer, comfort, support,
and sometimes guidance.  The food is
prepared and served by many,
including youth groups from various
churches.  Clothing is set out for whom
ever has a need, and hygene items or
specialty gifts when donated.

All is then cleaned up, packed up, and
cleared away.  
Until the next Second Saturday.
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