Bill ( the voice of BigTex ) Bragg
Comments :    Ed Brown can fix ANYTHING except Breakfast; but thats no big     deal because I never eat Breakfast anyway!
Your Favorite     Vehicle : My two cars ( 1974 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow and     1930 Model A Kit Car )... the ones that Ed keeps in
tip-top shape!
Comments :     Ed and Robin are two of the nicest, most honest people Ive ever     met. After searching everywhere in Dallas for
someone I could trust to work     on my 1965 Pontiac LeMans, I was so happy to find Ed, who assured me he     could get my car to the
point I wanted it.
Vehicle : 1965 Pontiac Lemans
Jason Reynolds
Comments :    I have nothing but good things to say about Ed and his work. I     am extremely pleased and impressed with his
level knowledge and work on my     vehicle. I brought him a vehicle that is not all that common and he found a     way to get it to
where I wanted it to be.
Your Favorite     Vehicle : 78 International Scout
Comments :     Thanks for the help on the Buggy. Except for carpet its     finished, legal & inspected! Only 6 years... You all
got a mention when     I sent info to the Manx Club & others. Early December we shot Popular     Hot Roddings cable show
at the studios in carrollton. The
Your Favorite     Vehicle : Dune Buggy, Completion 2001
Comments :     It was really neat to meet you and learn from you. It is rare     to find people who want to share so much
knowledge, or should I say wisdom.     Truck is running great and Ive got a smile on my face again. Well see you     again!
Your Favorite     Vehicle : 1965 Chevy Truck
I have had my 54 chevy pickup for about a year now.I have been to Classic Coach several times in the last year.
Ed does good work. I guess I will see him in about 3 to 6 months when something falls off or breaks again.
Your Favorite   Vehicle: Although I love my 1954 chevy truck, my dream car is a 1958 corvette.
Well the Scout went in with out a breath of life. Dr. Ed used his gift and brought her back from the un-starting. I
love cruising. Just wish the weather was always nice.
Your Favorite Vehicle :   1963 International Scout
I love the site, so warm, so wonderful and personal. Great photos.
Your Favorite Vehicle :   My favorite vehicle is that brown car that Edward sometimes drive. (Editors note: it's a
1950 Dodge Coronet)